William Otto

William Otto
Playing catch with Daddy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today the Yeah! title is for more than one reason...so YEAH!! First, last night was Wills first successful night with his feeding pump running. Other times the tubing has become disconnected from his button and then the pump is just pumping formula right into his bed. No good. We found a good solution though and he is still sleeping at 8:30! So yeah!

Second, I just found out this morning that Will was accepted into this program called Inspiration Through Art. It is an awesome program that connects photographers with families dealing with children that are sick. The photgrapher that is in the program and closest to you comes and does a photography session for free. I am so excited! I love photos and now we can have some professional ones, something we haven't had the oppurtunity to have done yet.

This last week has just been amazing. It restores my faith to finally be getting good news after having only bad for so long.

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