William Otto

William Otto
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Thursday, November 17, 2011


So much going on these days, ahhhhh!  I swear, I really do want a boring, normal life.  It is what I strive for in life.  
The gestational diabetes isn't going as we had hoped.  I keep increasing my insulin, and am watching everything I eat, and my sugar levels still continue to rise.  So, right now I am scheduled for a c-section on 12-7.  That will put me at 37 weeks gestation.  At my last ultrasound appointment, with a specialist with a specialized ultrasound machine, baby was weighing in at 6 lbs (33 weeks gestation).  Its head was in the 50th% and its body was in the 92nd%.  All of this means that it is too dangerous for me to try a vaginal birth, dangerous for me and baby.  
At that same appointment we got some more news on the baby's kidneys.  The doctor still thinks that the problem could correct itself in the next 2 1/2 weeks, so that is great.  If it persists, which we will know by an ultrasound on the baby a day or two after birth, it is either kidney re flux, or a 'kink' in the tube that the urine leaves the kidney through.  This is making the urine drain slower than it should.  The re flux would be cured with a years worth of antibiotics and the kink would be fixed through surgery.  I am optimistic about it though.  Praying the problem just corrects itself.  
The last couple of days have been stressful because Wills insurance company is all of the sudden refusing to continue to pay for a medication that he needs.  He has been on it for a year now.  They want to do a cheaper medication (surprise, surprise).  I have had to fax medical records to prove that he has tried all of the cheaper ones and that they didn't work.  They don't care though.  They said the only way that they 'might' pay for it is if this new one makes him sick.  Then they will consider switching back.  Mind you, this is an insurance company specific for children with special needs.  Maybe they should be the ones that have to sit here and hold him while he is sick and miserable because of their greed.  Nevermind, the big wigs that make those decisions probably have no hearts anyway and that probably wouldn't sway their opinion at all.  Can you tell that I am pissed off by all of this?!  I am usually pretty calm and collected person, but this just gets me going.
I guess that is all for today.  We are going to have two kids in less than 2 1/2 weeks, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!