William Otto

William Otto
Playing catch with Daddy!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have to start this post out by saying how excited I am that if FINALLY feels like Spring outside! I put together Wills wagon the other day and he loves going for walks in it. I am so excited to get outside more often with him. Okay, now with that out of the way....

Things have been pretty par for the course around here lately. We are still working on getting Will to actually swallow his food. He takes bites of it and then stores it in his cheek instead of swallowing it. I am not sure on how to get him to swallow it, but we keep working on it. Any ideas?

We bought him a whole organic chicken from the food co-op. He can't have the kind from the regular grocery since it is packaged with other things like salt. Matt eight cut it and then I boiled down the bones and the neck to make a broth. I used the fat and skin to make cooking oil to use for him as well. So far we have had the best luck at getting him to eat wheat (also from the food co-op so that I know it is JUST wheat) boiled in chicken broth. He isn't so good at eating a whole piece of chicken yet. I so hope his next biopsy on April 26th shows he can keep chicken. I know the chances are lower though since kids with EoE tend to have more problems with meat protein.

Will also has another infection in his g-tube site. It is frustrating for sure. I hate seeing him on antibiotics all of the time. His granulation tissue is coming back as well, so we will have to start burning that off again soon.

Plans for the 5K are coming along nicely. I started contacting companies about sponsorship today. This is the part that I least like. I am also waiting to hear from TV 6 about them covering the event. The radio station 100.3 The Point is going to cover it and I am going to do a couple of interviews with them before hand. I also am waiting to hear from a local screen printing shop about them donating the t-shirts. I am so excited at how well it is coming along so far! If anyone would like more information about it, go to http://www.5kforeosinophillicdisorders.weebly.com/ I still need volunteers, racers, and sponsors!

Will started doing the cutest thing the other day. When you point a camera at him, he says cheese. He is so freaking cute! I love that guy so much. I always thought that I wanted a huge family. He fulfills me so completely though that I no longer feel that need. He is everything that I ever could have wanted and more. I truly feel like our family is complete. I am glad that I am finally able to be at peace with our decision.

And, to prove my point at how absolutely perfect he is, I will end with some recent pictures!