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William Otto
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Another Day

Today is shaping up to be a pretty normal day so far. I love normal days. Sometimes it feels as if they are too far and few between.
Will and I brought Myshka to the groomers to get a much needed trim and cleaning. She gets so pampered while she is there. She always has a bow in her hair when I pick her up. So cute!
Then we went to Early On playgroup. Wills occupational and physical therapist met us there. Today Will worked on rolling from his back to his stomach so he can stand up from there. We had a scary night a few weeks ago where Will vomited while laying on his back in bed and then stopped breathing because he couldn't roll over to clear his airway. Matt flipped him over and smacked his back to get him going again.
Then we went to the bank and got the account set up for all of the fundraising I am doing. Now people can do online registration and donations through the website I set up for the 5K coming up on May 21st. The website is www.5kforeosinophillicdisorders.weebly.com Just in case anyone wants to check it out.
Will is napping now, then we are headed into town to pay the mortgage, pick up his formula that was just ordered, and hang out until we have to pick up Matt to go look at a house. We keep being told that there are a few people interested in ours, so we have started to look for a new one for us just in case. I hope this gets all sorted out soon. It is a pain to pack up Will and Myshka everytime we have a showing. Not to mention keeping the house 'showing ready'.
Yeah for a normal day!!

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