William Otto

William Otto
Playing catch with Daddy!

Monday, May 31, 2010

On our way!

First off, thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers for Will, I really appreciate it. We are now back home from DeVos Childrens Hospital. We will be having continued appointments down there for the forseeable future, looks like I will be putting a lot of miles on the car this summer since it is a 7-8 hour drive one way. We go down again in three weeks to see the developmental pediatric neurologist.

So, on to what we have found out so far. Will ended up having a cut up in his intestines, which was causing all of the blood, and causing him a lot of pain. The G.I. doctor said he has had it for quite awhile too. Everything about this situation makes me so mad at the doctors up here that this went on for as long as it did, but I will save that frustrated vent for another day. His swallow study also showed that he has bad reflux and heart burn when he eats. So, over the last five months that we have been dealing with this he has learned that when he eats, he is going to be in pain, so he didn't want to eat.

Now the kicker about all of this, because he was being deprived of much needed calories for so long, his brain wasn't developing properly. (He went from the 50th % to the 5th% within 3 months.) That is why are seeing the developmental neurologist. He is behind on his fine motor skills and will need continued therapy. We also are on a strict regimine to reteach him to eat.

Through this whole process up here I have called every doctor I thought could help, brought him to the pediatrician and emergency room and have gotten nowhere. They kept telling me to give him pear juice and that he had a hemmrohid and that was where the blood was coming from. It makes me want to scream. We were at DeVos for three days and got so much further towards getting him better. Oh, and FYI, he does not have a hemmrohid.

Friday, May 28, 2010

At DeVos Childrens Hospital

So, to follow up on my last post, Will is at the DeVos Childrens Hospital in Grand Rapids right now. They started doing tests on him last week after discussing with my pediatrician that he is getting worse and worse at eating and having increasingly more bloody stools. Before all of his tests were complete at home though, about 8 hours north of where we are now, he had what I thought was a bowel movement. When I went to change his diaper though, there was only blood in it and it was still flowing out of him. I took him to the E.R. in Marquette and they made sure he was in no immediate danger and then they sent us down here where he was admitted. They are running more tests on him here and hopefully we will have more answers later today after we get some results back.
Jill came down here with me since Matt couldn't get time off of work. I don't know what I would have done without her. We are staying at the Ronald McDonald house until further notice. From my understanding right now, we could be here for a day or two more or a week. Not sure yet.
Please pray for my beautiful little man and I will try to keep this updated during his naps.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On to some answers...

So I bit the bullet and had a discussion with Williams pediatrician about him not eating anything but formula. I had tried everything that I could think of to get him to eat too. We used different spoons, different temperatures, a million different kinds of foods, nothing.
Well, she said that he has a severe oral aversion and he needs to go to speech therapy in order to start getting him to be able to eat. I knew there had to be something going on, because he hardly takes his bottles well either. Yeah for answers!
On other news, Jenn is back in the Yoop, not doing so well with the pregnancy though. Either way, Isabella will be here soon and Jenn can start feeling better.
I start summer classes next week, so not looking forward to that. It is going to be a tough five weeks for sure. Only one more year though and I get to be done! Well, for now at least. ;)