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William Otto
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Monday, February 28, 2011


So, obviously I have been a bit absent lately. We have so much going on recently though so I just haven't gotten to my blog much.
Well, I guess I should do a bit of an update. Thanks to some great people, we were able to get Will the backpack that he needs to house his feeding pump. It works great. He can run around and play all while his formula is being pumped into him. He also hasn't had too many vomiting episodes since having it. Yeah!!
Wills social worker through Early On told us about a month ago that we should apply for Social Security Income for Will. I didn't know anything about it at the time, but because she said to apply I did it. It took about eight hours (ugh) to fill out the online application and then Matt and I went to the interview at the social security office on Valentines Day (what a date eh?) I told the social worker then that we had applied and that we just had to wait. She said that it could take a very long time, up to a year, to hear anything and that even then we would probably be denied first and have to reapply. Well, fast forward to last Wednesday. I got a call from social security that Will had been approved and that they just needed a little more information from me and then our first check would be coming in a few days! That only took EIGHT days. We had heard stories from other parents who have had to wait up to three years. I was just blown away. So now Will gets social security income and we can use it to get all of the extra things that he needs to make his life easier that insurance won't pay for. Talk about a ton of bricks lifted off of your shoulders.
Right now I am working on organizing a 5K race for Eosinophillic Disorders. It will take place May 21st here in Negaunee. I am very excited so far at how things are coming together. All of the money raised will go to fund further research for Eosinophillic Disorders. The website I made for the race is www.5kforeosinophillicdisoreders.weebly.com if anyone wants to check it out.
Okay, I promise to try to keep this updated better. Thank you everyone for your love and support with everything that Will has been going through. Thank you thank you!

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