William Otto

William Otto
Playing catch with Daddy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!


Well yesterday was Easter and we had a great time here in the Chittle household.  We woke up to start our search for Will and Henry's Easter baskets.  Will did great finding his and brothers too.  Will must have been a good boy this year, because the Easter bunny brought him lots of fun stuff.  Like a Cars sleeping bag for camping this summer, swimming trunks for him and Henry that match, socks, a book, a movie, frisbee, harmonica, etc.  Then we all went to the park and played.  We came home and cooked dinner and had an Easter egg hunt.  Will and Henry both got change in their eggs to put in their piggy banks.  We have had to come up with different ways to celebrate the holidays since food isn't something we can focus on with the boys.  We didn't color eggs this year because Will is VERY allergic to them.  Next year I will order wooden ones to decorate though.  EoE sure makes you think outside of the box!  Here are some pictures from our day!