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William Otto
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Monday, March 14, 2011

And we are off...

So, Will and I are headed to DeVos Childrens Hospital today. He has appointments tomorrow and Wednesday and then an endoscopy with biopsies on Thursday. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed that we can keep wheat as something he can eat and even add another food! That would be awesome! As of yet, we haven't found anything he can eat, so I would love it if things started turning around.
I am kind of excited to see the new Childrens Hospital. It just opened in January. I have heard great things about it too.
I am even more excited to be able to see my bestie Jill while we are down there. She is going to be coming with Tucker to hang out with Will and I on Wednesday. Yeah!!!!
I get the quarterly newsletter from APFED and it had some interesting information in it regarding EoE (which is the new abbreviation for EE by the way). Only 50/100,000 people have EoE. Of those 50 people, not very many of them have to have a feeding tube. So, you know what that means? Will is all kinds of extra special. Pair the rarity of him having EoE, and him having a severe case with him having congenital sub glottic stenosis (which is like less than 1% of the poplulation) and you have an exceptionally unique, super strong, wonderful boy! God, I love that kid....thank you for trusting his care to me.
So, we are off. Please pray for safe travel and for some good news for Will. Thanks everyone!

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