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William Otto
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Monday, January 24, 2011

What a Week

Will went to his appointment today with his Pediatrician. He has lost weight again since last week again. To keep it short and sweet, I am having a rough time with this right now, he has until Wednesday to keep food down and gain some weight before we have to take him to DeVos again and have him admitted. There they will probably try to talk us into having the Nissen surgery done that I wrote about previously. I DO NOT want him to have that done though. There are a couple of other options I want to try first. One is having a G-J feeding tube instead of the G-tube he currently has. The G-J tube goes directly into the intestines instead of the stomach. The other option is to put him on a continuous feed instead of the bolus feeds he does now. That would mean he would be hooked to a pump at night that would very slowly put formula directly into him. Because it would be VERY slow, it is probable that he would keep it down. They also have these special backpacks that kids can wear that have their pumps in them so that they can be fed throughout the day as well.
I want to know that we have exhausted every other option before turning to the Nissen surgery. I have talked to other parents of children who have had it done, and most do not recommend it. It is a dangerous surgery, and even more dangerous to have it reversed if it doesn't work out. One of the things that I have learned throughout all of this with Will is to trust my instincts. Right now, my Momma instincts are telling me that this isn't the best choice for us at this time.
That is all I have for today. I am just trying to get through this latest stuff for now. It is really starting to wear me down. :::exits blog repeating, "it could always be worse, it could always be worse.":::

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