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William Otto
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Poor Kitty

Bacardi hasn't been feeling well the last few days so I took him in to the vet today. It turns out he is in Renal failure. So, out of the myriad of costly options available, I chose to take him home with fluids and have him retested on Friday and then go from there. I am hoping that he got into something outside and the fluids will flush his kidneys and then he can heal up and be okay. The other, and more likely, scenario is that he has congenital renal failure and this isn't going to help. If that is the case, then we have to have him put down.
I have been having a really hard time with this today. He has been more than a cat to me. There were times where I felt like he was my only friend. He could always tell when I was feeling down and needed extra cuddling, or if I needed my mind taken off of something he would bring me his ball and we would play fetch. He even saved my life, although that is a long story for another time.
I don't know what I am going to do if he doesn't pull out of this. The vet hasn't given me much hope though.
So, if anyone is actually reading this, please pray for my sweet little Bacardi and that he gets better really soon.

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