William Otto

William Otto
Playing catch with Daddy!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good Times!

We are all off to a great start for the weekend! Yesterday Will and I went to the Dome in Marquette so I could get my excercising in. I walked for about four miles while William napped in his stroller. Then we borrowed a ball and went out onto the football field and messed around. He loved the turf and kept trying to pick at it. Oh, and he has a new word to add to his vocabulary...ball!

We also had to stop by the mall so I could return some things. We didn't end up getting fancy for New Years Eve afterall so I couldn't justify keeping that little red satin number. Will liked playing in all of the cars that you can ride there. They are .75 cents each, he doesn't need to know that they are supposed to move right?! I am good with letting him think they are just there to sit in and get your picture taken!

Then,last night Matts friend Jay and his son Vinny came over for a play date and dinner. Vinny is only about 6 weeks younger than Will so it is nice to get them together. Matt made some yummy pasta and Jay brought garlic bread. It was a very nice dinner!

Vinny and Will had fun playing together in the playroom. Turns out, Vinny is quite the drummer! He also likes to give hugs while saying, "Awwwww". It is so cute!

It was a very good day yesterday and I am looking forward to a very good weekend. Especially tonight since I am meeting some girlfriends for some drinks. Yeah!!

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