William Otto

William Otto
Playing catch with Daddy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On to some answers...

So I bit the bullet and had a discussion with Williams pediatrician about him not eating anything but formula. I had tried everything that I could think of to get him to eat too. We used different spoons, different temperatures, a million different kinds of foods, nothing.
Well, she said that he has a severe oral aversion and he needs to go to speech therapy in order to start getting him to be able to eat. I knew there had to be something going on, because he hardly takes his bottles well either. Yeah for answers!
On other news, Jenn is back in the Yoop, not doing so well with the pregnancy though. Either way, Isabella will be here soon and Jenn can start feeling better.
I start summer classes next week, so not looking forward to that. It is going to be a tough five weeks for sure. Only one more year though and I get to be done! Well, for now at least. ;)

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