William Otto

William Otto
Playing catch with Daddy!

Friday, April 9, 2010

So I decided it was time to start a blog, and now, here it is! It will be nice to look back after time and be able to remember my exact thoughts and feelings. It is so easy to forget things when you have got so much going on all of the time!
To give a brief introduction, my name is Janice. I am a 27 year old college student, wife, and most importantly Mother to our wonderful son William Otto. William is 8 months old today! My husband is Matt. He is 29 and a great provider, friend and Father. I feel so blessed everyday that God let me be a part of this wonderful family.
I will keep our introductions at that since you will get to know the 'real' us over the life of this blog.

I decided today that I need to take Summer classes so that next year is not so full. The way I have it scheduled now, I will only have to take 12 credits each next Fall and Winter semesters. I am bummed though, because I really wanted to be able to spend all of my time with William this summer. At least it is only two classes for a little over a month and then I will have July and most of August off.
William is getting so independent now. He is sitting on the floor right now playing with his toys. It is nice that he doesn't need me holding him all of the time anymore, but it also is another way that he is getting so big so fast. He also started pulling up to standing yesterday. I can't believe how fast he is growing up!
I am so glad today is Friday. I love our weekends together as a family. Matt works so much during the week that we don't usually get to spend too much quality time together. He also has three day weekends, Mondays off, so that is nice.
Well, I am looking forward to recording our families moments on this blog. Thanks for reading!!

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