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William Otto
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Been Busy...

So, it has been awhile since I have updated again. This summer is just flying by and things have been pretty busy around here.
Will had another scope and biopsy done last week. We are still waiting on the results. This one was a little harder for him to recover from then the ones in the past. He wouldn't eat much and I had to use his feeding tube quite a few times in the three days or so following the surgery. He is doing good now though.
Will and I went to my Moms after the trip to DeVos and Matt met us there on Friday. Then Matt and I went on a much needed mini vacation to Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island from Saturday to Monday. We decided that we need to make time away together more of a priority. We didn't even realize how much we had grown apart until we were with each other alone for a few days.
For the last month or so, we have been working on our backyard. It was pretty much an unuseable space before. The previous owners had one of those inflatable pools in the back, and instead of just draining it the right way, they popped it and all the water washed away the top soil in the back into the neighbors yard. That made for a very sunken in, rocky backyard. So, we have it evened out, removed a MILLION rocks and are using them to create raised gardens, and we have a picket fence in. I put down grass seed so we are waiting on that to grow and Matt is going to put in a small patio so we can have a fire pit and a place to put our chairs. I have started painting the fence white, that is going to be a time consuming project. Our deadline is to have it done before Wills birthday party on the 21st of August. Hopefully we make it!
Let's see, what else is going on....oh baby number two is doing good. We have our ultrasound and 2o week appointment coming up on Monday. It will be nice to see the little bugger again. Matt hasn't been able to come to an ultrasound yet, so it will be his first time seeing the baby moving around in there and he/she sure does a lot of that these days!
Okay, I will try once again to be better about keeping this updated. Hopefully I will have some news in the next couple of days about Wills biopsy results so we know if he can keep eating pears or not. Keep your fingers crossed!

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